Welcome To OFF-Shore Power!

Today's film studios and entertainment industry demand environmentally conscious, light weight, dependable equipment to be competitive in the ever expanding global economy.

Kiss your gasoline powered putt-putt good bye! Serious film pros need serious equipment to get the job done. The 8KW HotShot from Off-ShorePower is real power. This professional grade generator is one that is so unique to the extent that is cannot be purchased from a line of previously tooled products retrofitted to look like a studio generator.

Turbo diesel power turning 1800 RPM gives you dependable voltage and 60HZ. This 8KW has precise electrical output and is designed to last for long periods of time with out shut off or overheating. This model also runs on clean diesel and can handle twice the power at half the emissions of a putt-putt generator. The 8KW HotShot is easily accessed by any vehicle or equipment towing this generator. It can also be removed from the trailer for a wide range of maneuverability wherever you might need it.


NEW! Model 8KW HotShot
Isosyncronis AC Generator

The 8KW HotShot is designed
for the motion-picture
and television industry.
Precision electrical output is achieved
using three separate digital controls. However, operation is as easy as two switches.